she’ll be with you through it all…

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""If you look closely in the background of Sherlock’s apartment, for example, there’s a model of the wedding venue, and on his laptop there are drafts for the design of the wedding stationery. “He loves John, and he’s a control freak, so he’s actually very involved with the wedding planning,”"

- Arwel Jones, from this awesome interview with Stephen Moffat

Seriously though; if this was what he was like as a best man - just imagine what Sherlock is going to be like as a godfather for that little girl?

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This will never stop being my favourite scene of the whole series.

john watson + mary morstan

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Almost every other store in Edinburgh sells kilts.

I can’t even describe how Scottish this place is.
(Also it’s probably the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen. Like it seriously seems like the entire city’s a castle)


"Maybe it’s all we got, but it’s all I need"


barney + robin | don’t find another love


The perfect couples of himym

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